Extraordinary Accomplishments Program

So what happens at FSU after you win a prestigious external award?

Once you alert Peggy Wright-Cleveland about your award, your award will be celebrated either in social media or via the University Communications press outlets. If you award qualifies, Peggy Wright-Cleveland will request a copy of your award letter and she will activate a salary change on your behalf through the Extraordinary Accomplishments Program. In 2013, FSU inaugurated the Extraordinary Accomplishments Program to increase the recognition and appreciation of faculty winning prestigious external awards by providing a permanent salary increase or a one-time bonus. Details below.

From Provost Sally McRorie (12/9/16)

Notice of Revisions to the Extraordinary Accomplishments Program

Based on recommendations from faculty and staff, I have decided to revise the Extraordinary Awards Program (EAP) to focus on faculty awards that are listed directly in the metrics by which the university is evaluated for performance-based funding. Thus, awards for which salary increases via the EAP will be given will be limited to awards on the list of the Top American Research Universities (TARU) report. (click here for a list of TARU awards)

Awards not on the TARU list continue to be of great importance to the advancement of faculty members’ careers as well to the advancement of our university. Although no longer part of the EAP, awards that recognize the outstanding accomplishments of our faculty will continue to have a positive impact on faculty evaluations and advancement, including merit increases.


Effective May 5, 2017, the following changes to the EAP will be implemented:

  1. Salary increases for awards will be limited to those that are designated Top American Research Universities (TARU) awards (https://fda.fsu.edu/TARU).
  2. For TARU awards that are also categorized as “Highly Prestigious” by the National Research Council (NRC), the salary increase will be $10,000 for the first award and $7,500 for subsequent awards.
  3. For all other TARU awards, the salary increase will be $5,000 for the first award and a bonus of $2,500 for each additional TARU award.
  4. All awards recognized by the EAP with a salary increase, TARU and non-TARU, count as a first or additional award in figuring current salary increases.
  5. There will be no petition process for adding additional awards.
  6. The EAP will only provide salary increases that are on the TARU list, regardless of whether the awards are on the NRC list or were added to the EAP Highly Prestigious or Prestigious awards by the earlier petition processes. These changes to the program have no impact on the salary increases already awarded to faculty members via the Extraordinary Accomplishments Program.