Career Plan for Awards

At FSU, the administration views faculty awards as an expected part of career development. There are benefits to both faculty and the institution when faculty work is reviewed for award consideration. Indeed, award application and nomination is another means of publicizing your work and expanding the discussion of your ideas.

Faculty Recognition is available to both guide your choice of award and to facilitate your application or nomination. As you map your developing career, please use the following as a guide for which kinds of awards are appropriate at each stage of career.


Early Career Awards

After you have taught at FSU for two years, faculty of all ranks are eligible for:

FSU University Teaching Award:

Five years after you have won a University Teaching Award, you are eligible for the FSU University Distinguished Teacher Award:

FSU Honors Thesis Mentor Award:

FSU Graduate Faculty Mentor Award:


With five years of post-doctorate teaching, faculty of all ranks are eligible for:

Fulbright Scholar Award:

Many early career awards are limited to five years or ten years after the completion of the PhD. or to the ages of 35 or 40. Visit the Faculty Awards Catalog and review the 130+ awards identified as Young Scholar awards.


Mid-Career Awards

Associate Professors are eligible for:

FSU Developing Scholar Award:

CASE US Professor of the Year Award:

Robert Foster Cherry Teaching Award:

Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowship:

Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowships for Recently Tenured Scholars:

ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship:

National Academies Research Associates Program:

Consider using the “Containing text” search in the Faculty Awards Catalog to find discipline or research specific awards.


Established Career Awards

Full Professors are eligible for:

FSU Distinguished Research Professor:

FSU Distinguished Teaching Professor:

FSU Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor:

Consider searching the Faculty Awards Catalog for “Established Scholar” and “Career Achievement” awards.


Throughout your career you should:

Notify Faculty Recognition about any book publication. We will research appropriate awards and discuss the options with you.

Maintain the appropriate professional memberships. Scientists should be careful to apply for Senior Status as soon as eligible – usually after five years of professional membership – and Fellow Status. These membership statuses make you eligible for other awards.

Notify Faculty Recognition each time you receive an award, regardless of whether it is a regional, state, national, or international recognition.

Work to faithfully nominate colleagues for awards.  Every strong nomination exposes colleagues to the good work being done in your department, college, and university.  

Agree to serve on award committees as often as possible.  You will gain helpful award-specific knowledge and develop professional relationships with colleagues.

Consider helping to establish an awards committee for your department.  Such a committee can ensure the good work of your department is regularly in front of leaders at FSU and in your discipline. 


For more information on faculty awards, please contact Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Wright-Cleveland at or 645-8202 or visit the FDA website at . You may also follow Dr. Wright-Cleveland on Twitter (look for M. Wright-Cleveland or FSUFacultyAward).