Academic Leadership Toolkit

Adjunct Evaluation



All adjuncts assigned as instructors of record must be evaluated each semester, per FSU Policy 3A-6 (Policy on Evaluation of Instructors of Record). Materials that may be used include student evaluations of courses and peer or supervisory classroom observations and feedback.


  • To ensure that only adjuncts who provide high-quality learning experiences for students continue to be employed.
  • To identify adjunct instructors who need additional guidance or support to excel in the classroom.

Authority and Responsibility:

  • Department chairs (or deans/directors) must evaluate all adjunct instructors in their units.
  • Department chairs (or deans/directors) should use the information gathered in the evaluation process to make reappointment decisions.

Common Pitfalls:

  • Failing to evaluate adjuncts
  • Failing to evaluate adjuncts early enough to use results in next-semester hiring decision.