Academic Leadership Toolkit

Specialized Faculty Promotion Process



specialized faculty promotion flowchart


  • In June of 2016, the FSU BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement was revised to restructure “non-tenure-track” faculty positions into positions that focus on teaching or research (with corresponding support tracks).
  • Clear promotional routes and more explicit promotional criteria/procedures are part of that structure (See Appendix J of the FSU BOT-UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement.)  
  • Promotion of specialized faculty is based on evidence of meritorious performance of assigned duties in the faculty member’s present position.

Authority and Responsibility:

  • The faculty member’s direct supervisor (with input from a faculty committee, as appropriate), determines initial eligibility to put forth a binder containing evidence of performance.
  • The Provost (for faculty in academic units) and the VP for Research (for positions reporting to the Office of Research) are the final level of review and recommend promotion decisions to the President.
  • The President (and Provost, as the President’s designee) make final decisions regarding the promotion of each candidate.
  • The Office of Faculty Development and Advancement coordinates the process university-wide, including hosting annual workshops for faculty and staff, issuing an annual letter providing directions and troubleshooting problems.

Common Pitfalls:

  • Non-tenure-track positions still exist; during the transition, individual faculty members could opt to be re-classified or to stay in their non-tenure-track positions. Non-tenure-track positions no longer have a promotional ladder and will be phased out when no one is left in those positions.
  • Certain current faculty positions such as faculty administrator have no promotional ladder.
  • Putting forward candidates for promotion based on number of years in the position, attainment of degree, or other factors not related to the true criteria.
  • Failing to generate and include annual Progress Towards Promotion letters.