Geraldine Martorella

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Geraldine Martorella

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College of Nursing

Geraldine Martorella, Associate Professor in the College of Nursing, will use her fellowship to leverage and advance FSU’s expertise in the growth of the Brain Science & Symptom Management Center (BSSMC). Both Professor Martorella’s work research and BSSMC aim to enhance the understanding and integration of mental models for pain management that will promote an interdisciplinary and ultimately a transdisciplinary infrastructure for brain science at FSU. Geraldine’s has three goals for her fellowship year: to develop a meta-model of multi-level factors influencing the development and implementation of brain science across disciplines and practice settings; to plan for an infrastructure that will promote interdisciplinary innovative research focused on brain science; to activate the operationalization of the structure. Look for her work leading a Collaborative Collision in 2022-23.