1. How often may a faculty member use paid parental leave?

This benefit may be utilized once during a faculty member's employment regardless of the amount used (not to exceed 6 months), and regardless of any breaks in service.

2. Who may use the paid parental leave benefit?

The paid parental leave benefit is for in-unit E&G and C&G funded faculty.

3. What if a faculty member is both E&G and grant funded?

Contract and grant funded faculty members shall be eligible to the extent that such program benefits are permitted by the terms of the contract or grant and the rules of the funding agency, and adequate funds are available for this purpose in the contract or grant.

4 . How does a faculty member sign up for this benefit?

To sign up for this benefit a faculty member must submit the attached Parental Leave Request Form to their department chair followed by their dean for endorsement then the form should be submitted to the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement. After the request has been received by the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement, a representative will then contact the faculty member to answer any questions they may have and determine eligibility.

5. Is a faculty member obligated to return to University employment following participation in the program?

Yes. A faculty member must return to the University following participation in the program for at least one (1) academic year. Agreements to the contrary must be reduced to writing prior to participation. Return of salary received during the program shall be required in those instances where neither of the above is satisfied.

6. Can this benefit be used by two individuals for one birth or adoption placement?

No. Paid parental leave will not be granted to two individuals for one birth or adoption placement.

7. What other limitations are associated with this benefit?

Paid leave shall not be granted that relieves the faculty member of both teaching and service assignments for more than one (1) semester.

8. Can a Dean or Chair modify duty assignments before and after the paid leave?

Yes. A Dean or Chair may modify the faculty member's duty assignment before or after the paid leave based on departmental needs and the needs of the faculty member.

9. What are the effective dates of the program?

Faculty members may utilize this benefit for births or adoption placements that occur on or after July 1, 2006.

10. Can a faculty member use this benefit and then Family Medical Leave?

No. Parental leave runs concurrently with Family Medical Leave.

11. Can a faculty member use unpaid parental leave after the use of paid parental leave?

Yes. Unpaid parental leave runs concurrently with paid parental leave and is not to exceed six (6) months. For example, if a faculty member begins using paid parental leave October 1st, they will have used approximately twelve (12) weeks of paid leave (until the end of the semester) and will have the option of using an additional nine (9) weeks of unpaid parental leave beginning the spring semester.

12. Does use of parental leave affect the faculty member's leave balance?

A faculty member who utilizes this benefit shall have the total number of hours used deducted from their sick, and/or annual leave balance if applicable, upon separation from the University. A faculty member eligible for a leave payout upon separation shall have parental leave deducted from their gross total accrued leave balance, using sick leave first and then annual leave if applicable, prior to the calculation of the leave payout.

13. What if the faculty member does not have enough leave upon separation to cover the entire amount of parental leave used?

A faculty member whose sick and/or annual leave balance is insufficient to cover the entire amount of leave used shall not be responsible for repayment based on their gross total accrued leave balance upon separation.

14. How does a department chair obtain teaching replacement costs?

The Parental Leave Request Form should be completed by the faculty member and endorsed by the department chair and dean and approved by the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement indicating that teaching replacement costs are needed and the amount.

15. What if a teaching faculty member begins the paid parental leave in the middle of a semester?

The faculty member may use the paid parental leave for the remainder of the semester. However, the faculty member must have a teaching component as part of their assignment of responsibilities beginning the following semester. As an alternative, the faculty member may wait and use paid parental leave the following semester and make other arrangements for the remainder of the current semester.

16. How will the leave usage be tracked?

Departments should track the leave via Pay and Leave Reports. When the faculty member returns from leave, the Pay and Leave Reports should be signed by the faculty member and their department chair or supervisor. A copy of the Pay and Leave Reports should then be sent to the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement. The Pay and Leave Reports must be completed for all faculty members who use this leave regardless if the department is considered "paperless".

17. What if the faculty member transfers to an out-of-unit position after using the paid parental leave?

Upon separation from the University, the faculty member is still responsible for the repayment of the hours taken as paid parental leave when the faculty member was in-unit.

18. If the faculty member is part-time, is the paid parental leave pro-rated?

Yes. Parental leave will be paid proportionate to the FTE assigned to the faculty member.

19. Does the parental leave clock start immediately after birth or adoption placement or can the faculty member wait?

Because this benefit is for the care of newborn children, a faculty member must use the paid parental leave within twelve (12) months after the birth or adoption placement.

20. Are nine-month faculty members eligible for the paid parental leave over the summer?

No. Nine-month faculty members are not required to hold a summer appointment, therefore, will not be eligible for paid parental leave during the summer.

21. Does the tenure clock stop if a faculty member is on paid parental leave?

Yes. When a faculty member uses this benefit, the tenure clock stops during their absence unless it is agreed upon otherwise. The information contained in this document is subject to change based on the use of the benefit.

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