Chloe Bogdajewicz

Social Media Intern
Chloe Bogdajewicz

Contact Information

Faculty Development and Advancement

FSU Elementary Education/ Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction Graduate
First-Grade teacher in Tampa, FL

After my internship with the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement (FDA), I began my field placement at Canopy Oaks Elementary to finish my master’s degree in Curriculum   and Instruction. Following graduation, I accepted a position to teach first-grade in the Tampa Bay region. As an educator, I regularly use skills I acquired with my social media intern experience. The opportunities to work with various faculty members at FSU while interviewing them for social media content, prepared me to effectively communicate with faculty and parents at my school in a professional manner. Similar to my previous FDA internship, I am new to a team where individuals have years of experience in their roles. When working with my fellow FDA interns, I felt welcomed to collaborate and provide new ideas. I believe the leadership qualities I gained from the internship were vital to my current teaching position as I participate in meetings and feel confident in sharing my views and opinions especially when it comes to technology in the classroom. I anticipate problems proactively and design solutions that have our school goals in mind. I am excited for all the new opportunities and challenges that will come my way in the future. I have full confidence in my ability to excel due to my experiences presented to me during my time with the FDA.