Antonio Ortiz

Social Media Intern

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Faculty Development and Advancement

As an intern with the Office of Faculty Development & Advancement, I had an incredible opportunity to develop skills that would later go on to help me in my professional career.  

Since the conclusion of the internship, I’ve gone on to become a Social Media Specialist for OMG National. This position comes as a direct result of the skills I learned at FDA. The time I spent in this internship allowed me to exponentially grow my abilities in graphic design, marketing strategy, branding, writing, leadership and more.  

Out of the many projects I created during my time at FDA, the one I’m most proud of is the style guide (PDF). The creation of this 20 page document (PDF) forced me to synthesize all the concepts I learned at FDA and disseminate them in a coherent manner; it’s one of the crown jewels in my portfolio, an avatar of my commitment to concept creation, subsequent follow-through, and overall leadership.