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Alison Amann

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I am currently living in Salt Lake City, UT and working as a wilderness therapy guide with blueFire Wilderness Therapy. I work for 16 days at a time camping in the southern Idaho desert with groups of 8-12 teenagers ages 11-17. We camp, backpack, hike, and do adventure activities with the clients such as rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, cross country skiing and more! The clients also participate in therapy with licensed therapists during their time with us. The FDA social media internship was an enriching opportunity that taught me so much about the inner workings of Florida State University. I value having the chance to highlight and interview some of the amazing professors at FSU and sharing their stories and visions for the programs they work within. The FDA was a welcoming environment that I felt was committed to giving students opportunities to grow their skills and learn about new ways to use social media and communications for spreading new ideas and aspects of the university and its faculty.