Academic Leadership Toolkit

Office of Faculty Development and Advancement

Textbook Orders


FSU is committed to improving educational access and affordability through creating conditions that allow for reduced textbook and other instructional materials for students, while protecting the academic freedom of instructors.


  • To allow students time to comparison-shop for their required and recommended textbooks and course materials.
  • To provide detailed information to facilitate those price comparisons.
  • To meet the requirements of BOG Regulation 1.001(3) (j), 8.003 and Section 1004.085 of the Florida Statutes.

Authority and Responsibility:

  • Staff members are responsible for notifying instructors of the relevant deadlines for entries, which are typically early in the prior semester, before students’ registration windows for the next semester open.
  • Instructors are responsible for choosing their textbooks within those published deadlines.
  • Chairs, often with staff support, are responsible for monitoring their department’s compliance with the Regulation. The Textbook Adoption Dashboard was created to assist in that effort.
  • University-wide compliance process is coordinated by the Provost’s office.

Common Pitfalls:

  • Not adhering to deadlines for entering textbook information.
  • Not differentiating clearly between required and recommended materials.