Academic Leadership Toolkit

Office of Faculty Development and Advancement

USPS/A&P Evaluations



It is important to provide Administrative and Professional (A&P) and University Support Personnel System (USPS) employees with your expectations for their job performance and constructive evaluations. These staff employees must have their performance evaluated at least annually. A&P and USPS employees' performance reviews should be completed to coincide with the annual evaluation cycles. The annual evaluation cycle for A&P performance reviews is August 8th through August 7th of each year, and evaluations are due on a designated date in September of each year. The annual evaluation cycle for USPS performance reviews is January 1st through December 31st of each year. USPS performance evaluations are due to the Office of Human Resources by March 1st of each year.


  • To specify the methods and responsibilities for conducting and reporting employee performance evaluations.
  • To encourage supervisors and managers to be forthright in their evaluations of employees, and to use the performance evaluation process as a constructive tool for continuous improvement, documenting substandard performance, and recognition of employees' performance.
  • To strengthen the establishment of detailed expectations for performance and honest assessment of an employee’s progress in meeting those expectations. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess performance, to communicate effectiveness, and to aid in improving performance in the areas of expectations for behavior, assigned duties and responsibilities, and position competencies.
  • To find ways to support employees in meeting performance standards through training, workplace environment improvements, etc.
  • When an employee is not meeting expectations as defined by the FSU Behavioral Expectations, Position Responsibilities, and Position Competencies as reflected in the position description and performance evaluation form, supervisors should contact Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) for further guidance about how to address the concerns.

Authority and Responsibility:

  • Office of Human Resources provides guidance to supervisors regarding all aspects of the evaluation process.
  • Chairs, directors and other supervisors in academic units are responsible for communicating their expectations for employee performance and evaluating employee performance in light of assigned responsibilities.

Common Pitfalls:

  • Giving positive ratings to avoid confrontation
  • Not documenting performance issues and addressing them with the employee as they occur
  • Not giving specific enough feedback to enable the employee to improve
  • Not integrating the evaluation process with the disciplinary process in a progressive manner
  • Not contacting ELR for guidance early on once performance deficiencies are identified