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Dual Compensation

​​​​​​​​​​​​University employees may request employment with more than one department within the University, which constitutes dual employment and compensation, provided such employment does not interfere with the regular work of the employee for the primary employer and does not result in any conflict of interest between the activities.

Approval must be requested and granted prior to appointment and/or the performance of any work with any additional department.

Approval must be obtained for each period of appointment during which the employee is to receive dual compensation.

This procedure shall not be used for the purpose of avoiding the payment of overtime as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Dual Compensation Policy

Dual Compensation Form is produced in OMNI-HR for current employees.

Under HR Main Menu > Reporting Tools > BI Publisher > Query Report Viewer > use Report Name: FSU_DUALCOMP

  • Click “View Report”
  • Enter Empl ID and click “OK”

The Dual Compensation Request/Approval form generates with all appointments that are currently active in OMNI.

  • For changes to a current appointment, cross out the information (FTE, annual rate, etc.) that will be changing and write in the updated information.
  • For a new appointment that is not in OMNI, add the details of the appointment to the blank section of the Dual Compensation Request/Approval form.
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