Steering Committee

The Milton S. Carothers Faculty Lecture Series is coordinated by an interdisciplinary steering committee of faculty from colleges across campus:

Paul Marty, Communication and Information (Chair)
Jen Atkins, Fine Arts
Andrew Frank, Arts and Sciences
Dawn Carr, Social Sciences and Public Policy
Tim Logan, Arts and Sciences
Susan Fiorito, Entrepreneurship
Ed Hilinski, Arts and Sciences
Zhe He, Communication and Information
Antje Muntendam, Arts and Sciences
Frankie Wong, Nursing
Amy Kim, Education
Denise Von Glahn, Music
Nicole Patton-Terry, Education
Dave Gussak, Fine Arts
Amy Baco-Taylor, Arts and Sciences
Alysia Roehrig, Education
Tanya Peres, Arts and Sciences
Amy Ai, College of Social Work
Brad Gomez, Social Sciences and Public Policy

Ex Officio
Peggy Wright-Cleveland, Faculty Development and Advancement
Gale Etschmaier, University Libraries
Beth Hodges, Office of Research