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Dr. Margaret Wright-Cleveland

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Faculty Development
Begun in the 1970s, the field of Faculty Development is relatively young and focuses on Teaching Development, Career Advancement, and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity within faculty and curricula.  At FSU, this work is divided between two units.  The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) focuses exclusively on advancing the teaching practice, course development, and curricula development of FSU faculty.  The Office of Faculty Development and Advancement supports Career Advancement and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity sustainability within the faculty body.

As the Director of Faculty Development, I focus on Career Advancement and support Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity initiatives.  I work individually with faculty to make five- and ten-year career plans, to apply for external awards and fellowships, and to develop cross-disciplinary research.  I sustain faculty work, support work/life balance, and build faculty community by organizing Faculty Writing Retreats, hosting Accountability Groups, and leading NCFDD F2F Faculty Forums.  I support the work of faculty from under-represented groups by organizing luncheons with the Provost, the Vice President of Faculty Development and Advancement, and faculty Affinity group members, and I facilitate the development of diversity focused mentorship programming. 

To learn more about the faculty development offered through FSU’s membership in the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), visit here:  All FSU faculty and doctoral students may join for free.  

To learn more about Faculty Development as a field, visit the POD Network website, the leading professional organization for Faculty Developers in Teaching and Career Development:

My scholarship focuses on the presentation of race in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American literature and its role in defining American identity. My work has focused on literature and culture between the world wars, in particular how Hemingway and Faulkner interrogated whiteness as a racial construction and how their early short stories resonated with Jean Toomer’s Cane. In 2015- 2016, I was a Fulbright Scholar to Côte d’Ivoire where I began translating the poetry by Ivorian poet Bernard Binlin Dadiė into English as part of a larger project investigating the dialogue between anti-colonialism and anti-racism and its relationship to national identity.

The Dadié Project began as an online, open-access, crowd-sourced bibliography of works by and about Bernard Binlin Dadié that I proposed as my Fulbright research project. Its original intent was to expose mono-lingual English speakers to the importance of Dadié in the development of Francophone African poetry and culture by uniting relevant Western and African scholarship in one place. As a FSU DEMOS Fellow in 2019-20, I expanded the project beyond the bibliography into a space for collaborative, crowd-sourced translation; open-access translations and scholarship; and a textual database of Dadié’s poetry. As relationships between scholars develop, and concepts of Western scholarship and African scholarship are more fully exchanged, the design and content of this project will grow.

My teaching focuses on the development of identity in American literature and culture. I craft courses focused on American social constructions of race and/or gender. I work from canonical texts to examine their influence and interrogate them with new criteria. I work with non-canonical texts to reveal a more accurate representation of the cultural work being done in American letters. 

Women’s Studies Courses (Graduate and Undergraduate)
Princesses, Heroes, and Villains, Oh, My! - What Power Do Fairy Tales Wield? 
Women Engage Men's Stories 
Gender Between the World Wars: Are We in Kansas Anymore? 

English Courses
The American Short Story
American Modernism
The Southern Renaissance

University Service
Member, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Advisory Board (2017- present)
Member, Open Access Advisory Board (2016–present).
Chairperson, Faculty Development Research Team (2009–present).
Organizer, Marathon Reading (2011-2017).
Member, Faculty Senate Open Access Policy Committee (2011–2016).

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