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Academic Leadership Toolkit

Office of Faculty Development and Advancement

IEP Portal Entries



The IEP Portal is designed to track program and student learning anticipated learning and program outcomes and results for purposes of encouraging and documenting improvement in instruction and other areas. Outcomes and results are required for each degree program in your area. Each fall, usually around mid-September, the portal is opened for entering results from the previous academic year and anticipated outcomes for the current academic year. The deadline for entries is typically late in November.



  • Having well-designed learning outcomes and results is critical to our ability to demonstrate to SACSCOC that the institution is committed to continuous improvement.
  • Asking faculty to determine learning outcomes in advance of teaching a course stimulates them to build the course more intentionally and fosters instructional excellence.


Authority and Responsibility:

  • Department chairs work with faculty to determine appropriate learning and program outcomes and to gather results based on those outcomes.
  • Department chairs or directors (or others, as delegated by chairs), enter relevant information into the portal by the deadline.
  • A higher-level administrator reviews all entries by the review deadline.
  • A member of the Provost’s staff coordinates the process.


Common Pitfalls:

  • Failing to include measurement strategies with learning outcomes or including non-measurable outcomes.
  • Using letter grades as measurements in learning outcomes – percentage scores are acceptable.
  • Missing deadlines!
  • Failing to call on the Institutional Effectiveness Team at iep@fsu.edu for assistance if problems occur.



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