To Invite a Visiting Scholar/Researcher when a J-1 Visa is not Necessary

Please be sure to download the PDF forms to your desktop before completing, saving, and sending.

Step 1-7: To be completed by the host faculty

1. Completes the "Request to Invite an Unpaid Visiting Scholar/Researcher" form.

2. Obtains chair/director's and dean's signature on above form.

3. Forwards signed form, along with CV of visiting scholar/researcher, and Deemed Export Questionnaire (DEQ) (if applicable) to Diana Key, Director of Research Compliance Programs in the Office of Research, at for review. The Director will return the approved (or denied) form to host faculty member.

4. Provides copy of signed form, CV and DEQ (if applicable) to HR representative in the academic department/unit to complete background check questionnaire to determine if background check is required for visiting scholar/researcher. The academic department is responsible for covering the cost of the background checks for all visiting scholar/researchers.

5. Sends invitation letter, after receiving a clear background check (if a background check is required), along with a copy of the "Unpaid Visiting Scholar/Researcher Agreement" to the visiting scholar/researcher to review prior to signing upon arrival.

6. Signs an "Unpaid Visiting Scholar/Researcher Agreement" form together with the visiting scholar/researcher, the host department chair/director, the dean, and the Vice President for Faculty Development and forwards a signed copy to Diana Key at

7. Ensures the visiting scholar/researcher completes Environmental Health and Safety training for laboratory work (if applicable), prior to beginning activities.

Step 8-9: To be completed by the HR Department Representative in the academic department/unit

8. Submits a background check questionnaire for the visiting scholar/researcher to Human Resources to determine if a background check is necessary. Completes the background check process if required.

9. Initiates required courtesy appointment process using the "Unpaid Visiting Scholar/Researcher Courtesy Appointment" and information on the "Request to Invite an Unpaid Visiting Scholar/Researcher" after receiving a clear background check, (if required) and emails all documents to Shayna Harris at​​​​​​​ in Human Resources, along with copy of passport.

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