Manual Appointments

The Following Require ePAF+s:

  • 12-month faculty (including C&G and Visiting) who have end dates on or prior to 08/07/17
  • Administrative Code, Employee Class and Mail Code changes.
  • Terminating faculty 
  • OPS faculty reappointments
  • Changes in title or class code due to a reclassification to be effective during the 2017/2018 year
  • Supervisor changes 

Non-C&G, 12-month Faculty (with a 01/01/9999 end date), who have not received non-renewals and will not be terminated, automatically remain in pay status.

The Following Require pPAFs:

  • New Visiting faculty members (if not through eRecruit)
  • Any status changes, i.e., changes in title, class code, or promotions
  • Changes in status from 12-month to 9-month faculty or vice versa
  • Faculty who are returning from a Leave of Absence or Sabbatical and are to be reappointed in the Fall
  • New Adjunct and Visiting-in-Lieu-of faculty appointments
  • Faculty going on a full or partial Leave of Absence (including Sabbatical) or continuing on a Leave of Absence (route approval letter to FDA)
  • Courtesy appointments
  • Any retroactive changes requires a pPAF

All C&G funded appointments must be routed through Sponsored Research Accounting Services (SRAS) prior to routing to the Office of Human Resources.

Cross College Appointments

For cross-college appointments the home area must obtain signature approvals offline from the out-of-area department chair and dean.  The faculty member’s home area department number must be kept on all cross-college appointments.

Legacy Sort
Legacy Priority